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We can ease your mind by letting you know the things you should be looking out for. We have carpet cleaning that leaves no sogginess or mildew. Your carpets will be misted with our special pH balanced cleaner, followed by a cleaning with a super absorbent bonnet that transfers dirt, leaving a fluffy freshness you can see! A carpet cleaning that dries in just 15 minutes! If you choose us for your carpet cleaning needs, you'll never again have to tiptoe around soggy floors. Worried that you might need duct cleaning? Give us a call for a free duct system evaluation. If your ducts do need cleaning we will present you with a written estimate to clean your entire system. And if they don’t need cleaning we will be honest enough to let you know! As your air conditioning and heating system ages, it can lose efficiency or stop working altogether. At our cleaning company we provide the highest level of quality in all jobs that we do, and all jobs are performed by highly-experienced technicians you can trust. Tile floors provide many benefits. They are durable, fire resistant and moisture resistant. They are also affordable and can be used in a variety of rooms. However, one drawback of tile floors is that they can be difficult to clean. Some cleaning materials can be abrasive and damage the finish of tile floors. Similarly, certain cleaning tools can cause damage to tile floors. Hiring a professional tile cleaning company can ensure that your tile floors last longer and do not become damaged during the cleaning process.
Carpet Cleaning Services
Rug Cleaning Steam Cleaning Stain Removal Tile Cleaning
Residential Carpet Cleaning Restretch Carpet Office Carpet Cleaning Tile Floor Cleaning
Oriental Rug Cleaning Pet Odor Removal Pollen Removal Porcelain Tile Cleaning
Repair Carpet Carpet Repair Fan Motor Cleaning Reseal Grout
Commercial Carpet Cleaning Home Carpet Cleaning Pet Stain Removal Grout Cleaning
Cleaning Carpet Pet Stain Cleaning What is Duct Cleaning? Kitchen Tile Cleaning
Vents Cleaning Vent and Duct Cleaning Vent Cleaning Clean Grout
Vent Duct Cleaning Vent Cleaning Residential Air Ducts Upholstery Cleaning
Duct Cleaning Home Air Ducts How to Duct Cleaning Mold Prevention
AC Cleaning Air Conditioner Cleaning Air Vent Cleaning Furnace Cleaning
Commercial Air Vents Bacteria Prevention Air Ducts Cleaning Dust Buildup Removal
Residential Air Vents Dryer Vent Cleaning Office Air Ducts Cleaning Services
Air Duct Cleaning Ventilation Duct Office Air Vents Sofa Cleaning
Home Air Vents Commercial Air Ducts Air Duct Cleaning Service Furniture Cleaning
Couch Cleaning Fan Motor Cleaning Dryer Vent Cleaning  
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Dryer Vent Upholstery Water Damage
Our technique cleans your entire dryer vent system twice – once from the outside and once from the inside – so you can be sure the job has been done right.  According to dryer manufacturers, your dryer vent must be producing about 96 cubic feet of air per minute at a velocity of 1100 feet per minute in order for your dryer to be operating efficiently and safely.  We test your system using a sophisticated thermo-anemometer to be sure that you are getting the proper air velocity and volume at the vent cap. Upholstery cleaning can restore and extend the life of your furniture. Sofas and couches can pick up dirt quickly, not to mention stains from Houston carpet cleaning dropped food and liquids. If you have a pet, then your upholstery probably has pet hair and perhaps even pet odor that needs to be removed. Our Upholstery Cleaning Service is designed to provide the most hassle-free cleaning experience geared at extending the life of your furniture. We can return your home or business back to normal in minimal time and with the proper precaution to avoid risky contamination from flood damage. You can count on us to get the job done right at a price that's right. We can remove water damage stains from your carpets, rugs and upholstery so you do not need to throw them out. If mold has started to grow our mold remediation service will remove all the mold and sanitize and deodorize them.
Water Damage Services
Water Damage and Restoration Wet Drywall Repair 24 Hour Water Damage Restoration
Wet Carpet Drying Water Removal and Extraction Water Removal services
Residential Water Damage Restoration Flood Repair and Cleanup Commercial Water Damage Restoration
Water Damage Clean Up Emergency Water Damage Restoration Basement Water Damage
Fire and Water Damage Restoration Water Damage Cleaning Water Damage Restoration Company
Cleaning Water Damage Water Leak Cleanup Mold and Mildew Testing
Water Restoration Wall and Content Drying Water Damage Mold
Water Damage Restoration Water Damage Service Deodorization and Sanitation
Water Damage Cleanup Water Extraction Services Flood Damage
Flood Damage Restoration Water Damage Carpet Water Damage Remediation
Today’s carpets are engineered to capture and hold particulate soils that may not be visible but can damage carpet due to their abrasive nature. Your carpet actually performs as a very good filter removing particulates from the air so that they do not become airborne. Just like any other type of filter, carpets need to be cleaned or a buildup of soil will occur. When we cleans your carpet, your family, friends, employees, and customers will enjoy a healthier environment, and you’ll be assured of carpet that looks good all the time, not just after cleaning.
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Your reliable carpet cleaning technicians are trained in all phases of carpet cleaning and fiber identification, soil analysis, and fabric care. Our technicians always use our "green"carpet cleaner that's so light that most guests can't smell that you had a cleaning. All carpet cleaning stains are included with our service. All surface stains are pretreated as part of our business's general cleaning process to ensure the highest professional standard of excellence in cleaning performance.
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